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Track, Steel Arch Bridge w/Ramps

Track, Steel Arch Bridge w/Ramps

A big bridge! The main portion of our Steel Arched bridge measures 7'-1/4" high by 2" wide by 24" long. Attach the included track ramps and it measures a whopping 44" long. Each bridge has high quality birch plywood sides attached to a single piece of 24" maple track, and there is no assembly required other than placing the two included ascending and descending track ramps at the ends. Ends of bridge are constructed with ledges to support the track ramps, making additional bridge support pieces unnecessary. Bridge opening is high enough to accommodate our NameTrain letters. Will work with other brands of track if you use our included ramps.

SKU 10582
Ages 3 and up
Finish color dye stain, urethane

Price $55.00


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