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NameTrain Clear 3 Letter Eng Cab

If you are looking to specify colors, swap out accessories or change track options, we recommend using our NameTrain Builder. This easy-to-use page gives you all the options and you can see the train as it will appear. Check it out!

NameTrain Clear 3 Letter Eng Cab

The Clear Finish 3-Letter NameTrain consists of an engine, three NameTrain letter cars of your choice, and a caboose. Letter cars measure about 2-1/2" tall; engine and caboose are about 2" tall. All pieces are crafted from locally sourced, sustainably harvested hard maple and are compatible with our and other wooden railway systems.

Product safety warning. This product is not intended for children under three years of age.

SKU 10473
Ages 3 and up
Finish urethane, lacquer


Price $26.75


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