Printed Shaped Ornaments

Printed Shaped Ornaments

- Maple, approx. 3" diameter and 3/16" thick
- Tied with gold ribbon
- Many base designs are available.
- Detail is typically on the front only, we can add what you want to the back as a second side.
- Printed detail is full color with a background color of clear maple.

Setup: $15 per custom side

Any outline you want, call us.

1 5 10 20 50 100
60185 Shaped ornament - print 1 side 10.78 9.38 8.12 7.00 6.02 5.46
60186 Shaped ornament - print 2 sides 11.94 10.39 8.99 7.75 6.67 6.05

A few items, as noted in their description can be ordered in singles directly from our online store. For most orders, we suggest you contact us by email or phone 1-800-421-4223. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with our custom product terms and policies beforehand. Please provide the product detail and quantity. If applicable, you may attach a file with the artwork you want us to use. TIF or EPS files are preferred, if you need more detailed artwork submission information, click here.

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