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The Right Side Of The Tracks: An FAQ About Our New Train Tracks

Nearly a year ago, our introduction of the next level in toy train track took the world by storm. This was a big change that some might regard as a bit off the rails. In reality, it has been very well-received and train builders everywhere are enjoying the look. Here, we answer some frequently asked questions:

Why did you make the change?

The simple answer is that it looks better! But there is a lot more to it than that. In pursuit of a better quality product with greater precision, we now laser-cut the track. To take it a step further, the printing elevated the track beyond anything else available on the market. In essence, we are known for premium track pieces and wanted to exceed those expectations. In addition, laser cutting is the most efficient way to make it, reducing wood waste and ultimately requiring fewer trees. 

Is the ink non-toxic and/or durable?

As with any of our printing, the inks are third-party tested and have been proven to meet or exceed federal safety standards. The inks are also tremendously durable, allowing them to withstand hours and hours of play.

Is the new track compatible with other tracks?

Absolutely! Even though it looks different, the track retains compatibility with our old track and most other major wooden railway systems.

Are all of the same pieces still available?

Yes, you’ll be able to find a robust selection of common and unique track pieces in our inventory. In fact, we have recently introduced some new pieces, including the 11-piece Track Connector Pack.

Can I buy one or two pieces to see if I like it?

Definitely! You can purchase individual pieces on our track-by-the-piece page or, if you’re ready to jump all-in, we have track sets and sets with cars.

I want to make my train set as cool as possible. What do you have to make it even better?

We offer many amazing accessories, beyond the train cars themselves. Between the turntable, the Denver Union Station, the engine house, and much more, your train set will be the envy of toy train enthusiasts everywhere!

I’m not ready to switch yet - do you still have some of the old style?

Select pieces are still available while supplies last. Feel free to contact us to find out what remains in stock. Once these pieces are sold out, they’re gone forever!