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Birds Flying High: Celebrating Over 10 Feathered Years

According to a 2019 report, there are over 7 billion birds in the United States - that’s around 1,800 birds per square mile! It is no wonder that these feathered friends have become a pastime for many, from bird feeders to bird spotting. Here at Maple Landmark, we share in that avian affinity and were excited to add birds to our line in 2013.

To start, we licensed the artwork of famed ornithologist Roger Tory Peterson, author of numerous field guides including the 1934 bestseller A Field Guide to the Birds. His illustrations, depicting hundreds of birds in staunch realism, have been foundational for those seeking to study birds. In the early years of the license, we printed these images on coasters, a Lift & Learn puzzle, trinket boxes (pictured), and cribbage boards. Later, the line expanded to include bookmarks and decorative block sets, among other items, and owl artwork. In the ensuing five years, it became clear that the world did, indeed, love birds.

All licensing agreements come with limitations, however, so, seeking greater flexibility and a different aesthetic, we began to design our own bird artwork in 2019. George Macedo, our graphic artist and graphics supervisor, set out to create minimalist versions of the most popular North American birds. These included a blue jay, a cardinal, a chickadee, and a snowy owl. Taking more artistic liberties than the detailed Peterson works, George drew fun and familiar versions of the same birds. These illustrations first came to market in the form of ornaments and doorstops but, like the Peterson artwork, that quickly grew into a broader selection of products. From dominoes to wind spinners, over 60 products are now available with colorful bird imagery.

Thanks to continued popularity, these birds won’t migrate away with the seasons, unlike their real life inspirations. In fact, be on the lookout for new introductions throughout the year. If you love a bird that you don’t see offered, let us know! We may include it in our next creations.