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4 Ways to Build the Coolest Track Set

Who doesn't want the biggest, best, coolest train track layout? You don't have to break the bank to create an exciting set-up, though! Here are a few tips to help get you started:

  1. Swap out pieces.

    You can jazz up a straight-away by using a selection of specialty pieces. For example, a 6” straight can be traded for a covered bridge. A reversing arch bridge or a piece of wavy or a puddlejumper can take the place of an 8” straight.

  2. Use an expansion kit.

    Already have a circle or oval track set? Great! We’ve made it easy for you to build bigger. Check out our expansion kits to make your set even better.

  3. Go freestyle.

    Kids don’t need instructions to build a cool track set! Purchase a bunch of pieces and see what happens. You may be surprised what neat layouts come from their imagination. If you add in bridge track and bridge supports, the track transforms from a flat 2D design into three dimensions! Freestyled layouts are often the most creative that we see and they’re unique every time.

  4. Don’t forget the accessories.

    Enhance the set by adding some scenery pieces. Track alone is great, but you can take creative play a step further with trees, backdrops, and more.