40th Anniversary Bells & Whistles May Sale - NEW Paw-Cussion!

Current Web Specials

Our web specials are usually product that we have discontinued but have a few left here in the shop. We know not everyone can get to our retail showroom so this gives you a chance to purchase our discontinued or discounted items from home.

Paw-Cussion thumbnail image Paw-Cussion
Percussion? In a paw shape? Must be Paw-Cussion! This musical instrument is great for keeping the beat with its four large ji...
SKU: 47061 New
Reg. $10.00
Sale $9.00
Classic, Biplane thumbnail image Classic, Biplane
The Classic Biplane has two removable people, wheels that turn, and propeller to spin. Measuring approximately 9" long by 7-7...
SKU: 76004 Special
Reg. $43.50
Sale $26.10
Ring Toss - Rhinoceros thumbnail image Ring Toss - Rhinoceros
An old fashioned toy that is fun and challenging, the Rhinoceros Ring Toss is crafted from high quality birch plywood, sanded...
SKU: 41432 Special
Reg. $8.20
Sale $4.92
Peace Trinket Box thumbnail image Peace Trinket Box
The Peace box is 2 1/4" diameter by 1 3/8" high wooden box to keep all those precious treasures that children find. The box ...
SKU: 41022 Special
Reg. $7.00
Sale $4.20
Cribbage, Cherry Continuous thumbnail image Cribbage, Cherry Continuous
Our deluxe Cherry Continuous Cribbage board features a two street by 120 hole configuration, pegging out holes, game counter ...
SKU: 50520 Special
Reg. $30.35
Sale $18.21
Building, Train Station (Old) thumbnail image Building, Train Station (Old)
Add a train station to your NameTrain village. Crafted from locally sourced, responsibly harvested maple hardwood and painted...
SKU: 10652 Special
Reg. $6.00
Sale $3.60
NameTrain Easter Car thumbnail image NameTrain Easter Car
Celebrate Easter. The NameTrain Easter Car is crafted from local sustainably harvested native maple hardwood and is compatibl...
SKU: 10151 Special
Reg. $5.25
Sale $3.15

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