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Solace Wooden Ornaments

Our solid maple ornaments are 3" diameter and strung with a gold ribbon. The delicate and intricate designs are in a variety of themes.

Solace Ornaments

See our complete Solace line here.

See our complete line of ornaments here.

Solace Ornament, Cathedral thumbnail image Solace Ornament, Cathedral
The Solace Cathedral Ornament's design is reminiscent of stained glass windows. Ornament measures approximately 3" diameter b...
SKU: 66005
Solace Ornament, Celtic thumbnail image Solace Ornament, Celtic
The Solace Celtic Ornament's design features a celtic knot design. Ornament measures approximately 3" diameter by 3/16" thick...
SKU: 66006
Solace Ornament, Dragonfly thumbnail image Solace Ornament, Dragonfly
The Solace Dragonfly Ornament's design is an art nouveau influenced take on the popular insect. Ornament measures approximate...
SKU: 66008
Solace Ornament, Hearts thumbnail image Solace Ornament, Hearts
The Solace Heart Ornament's interlaced heart pattern has a celtic flavor. Ornament measures approximately 3" diameter by 3/16...
SKU: 66010
Solace Ornament, Lighthouse thumbnail image Solace Ornament, Lighthouse
The Solace Lighthouse Ornament features a lighthouse framed by lobsters. Ornament measures approximately 3" diameter by 3/16"...
SKU: 66020
Solace Ornament, Maple Leaves thumbnail image Solace Ornament, Maple Leaves
The Solace Maple Leaf Ornament pays homage to Vermont's state tree. Ornament measures approximately 3" diameter by 3/16" thic...
SKU: 66025
Solace Ornament, Railway thumbnail image Solace Ornament, Railway
The Solace Railway Ornament is decorated with a railway theme including engines, passenger cars and cabooses. Ornament measur...
SKU: 66030
Solace Ornament, Snowflake thumbnail image Solace Ornament, Snowflake
The Solace Snowflake Ornament boasts a crisply cut geometric snowflake pattern. Ornament measures approximately 3" diameter b...
SKU: 66035
Solace Ornament, Tracks thumbnail image Solace Ornament, Tracks
The Solace Tracks Ornament features footprints of moose, deer, bear, wolf, and cougar. Ornament measures approximately 3" dia...
SKU: 66037
Solace Ornament, Weave thumbnail image Solace Ornament, Weave
Our Solace weave ornament boasts a crisply cut geometric pattern. A great gift for all of the fiber arts folks out there. Th...
SKU: 66039
Solace Ornament, Wrought Iron thumbnail image Solace Ornament, Wrought Iron
The Solace Wrought Iron Ornament features a pattern reminiscent of iron gate work. Ornament measures approximately 3" diamete...
SKU: 66045

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