TODDLER TOYS - age 18 month

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Spinny Speller
Three blocks, with letters printed on 1" by 1-1/4" faces, spin to make dozens of simple words. Great for early reading skills. All hardwood construction. S...
SKU: 73020

Hobby Horse
This adorable wooden Hobby Horse is about 36" from the tail to the tips of the ears. Sturdy enough for hours of play but still light enough for the littles...
SKU: 73050

Rocker-Feller Rocking Horse
Rock away on Rocker-feller. A carefully designed and crafted rocking horse for that special little cowboy or cowgirl. All details are laser engraved. Overa...
SKU: 73060

Spinny Story
Three blocks printed with images on each side (12 images in all) of all types of people, places and things! Toddlers use the images to tell a story and as...
SKU: 73027

Natural Shape Stacker
The natural Shape Stacker introduces 4 basic educational concepts. Shapes – the shapes are a triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, and circle ...
SKU: 73035

Colored Shape Stacker
The colored Shape Stacker introduces 5 educational concepts. Colors – each shape is one of six rainbow colors Shapes – the shapes are a triangle, squ...
SKU: 73036

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