age 8 and up

Danish Solitaire
A classic math puzzle that really challenges the mind. The object of Danish Solitaire is to get the numbered pegs positioned ...
SKU: 50210 Discontinued
Marble Solitaire thumbnail image Marble Solitaire
Our Marble Solitaire is a combination of the French and English styles of the game. Instructions for both games are engraved ...
SKU: 50230
Color Cube thumbnail image Color Cube
The Color Cube is our colorful version of the classic Soma puzzle. Seven unique shapes combine into a simple cube...and there...
SKU: 50240
Soma Cube thumbnail image Soma Cube
Soma Cube is our clear wood version of the classic three-dimensional solid puzzle. Seven unique shapes combine into a simple ...
SKU: 50241
Pharaoh's Pyramid thumbnail image Pharaoh's Pyramid
Our version of an old solitaire/strategy game - Pharaoh's Pyramid challenges the player to move the purple disks from one sid...
SKU: 50215
Fox & Geese thumbnail image Fox & Geese
A spin-off our Marble Solitaire - Fox & Geese is played on the same style and configuration of board but the game is a two-pl...
SKU: 50261

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