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Door Stopper, Owl thumbnail image Door Stopper, Owl
Prop your doors open with this small but mighty owl! Measures approx. 1.5" wide, 2.5" tall and 4.5" long. Unfinished with an ...
SKU: 61304 New
Growth Stick, Owl thumbnail image Growth Stick, Owl
Our Owl growth stick measures from 2 to 6 feet. Two 24" high by 2-1/2" wide by 1" thick measuring sections join together with...
SKU: 25249
Bird Stake, Owl thumbnail image Bird Stake, Owl
Give your plants a little white-feathered friend! Place in a potted plant, garden, or somewhere else. Measures approx. 4" wid...
SKU: 61344 New
Hang-A-Name Starter, Owl thumbnail image Hang-A-Name Starter, Owl
Hang your Hang-A-Name or Growth Stick from our wise owl starter. Starter is printed on high quality birch plywood affixed to ...
SKU: 25149
Wall Rack, 3-knob, Owl, 6 Ltr thumbnail image Wall Rack, 3-knob, Owl, 6 Ltr
Our Personalized Wall Rack with Owl medallion has enough space to accommodate a name of up to 6 of our 2" Letters. This 3-kno...
SKU: 21149
Ornament, Owl thumbnail image Ornament, Owl
Let this owl nest in your Christmas tree or take a peek out the window. A perfect gift for the bird lover in your life. Print...
SKU: 61324 New
Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle, Owls  thumbnail image Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle, Owls
Our round Owls of North America puzzle has 12 large interlocking pieces cut from 1/8" hardwood plywood. The puzzle measures ...
SKU: 42435
Coasters, Owls of North America thumbnail image Coasters, Owls of North America
Set of four coasters featuring the exquisite artwork of Roger Tory Peterson. One coaster of each the Barn Owl, Great Horned ...
SKU: 61505
Maple Cribbage with Owls thumbnail image Maple Cribbage with Owls
Our maple continuous cribbage board features a Snowy Owl, Eastern Screech-owl, and a Barred Owl by Roger Tory Peterson. The b...
SKU: 50685
Owls Trinket Box thumbnail image Owls Trinket Box
The owl box is 2 1/4" diameter by 1 3/8" high. The box is crafted from hardwood maple with a durable clear lacquer finish. T...
SKU: 41035
Ball Ornament with Owls thumbnail image Ball Ornament with Owls
This ball ornament features a triad of owls (Snowy, Barred and Eastern Screech Owls) by ornithologist Roger Tory Peterson. T...
SKU: 60585
Maple Teether, Owl thumbnail image Maple Teether, Owl
Our natural teethers are the perfect answer to concerns over toxic chemicals and finishes. This maple teether is in the shape...
SKU: 72209
Cutout Ornament, Owl thumbnail image Cutout Ornament, Owl
Our Cutout Maple Owl Ornament is crafted from locally sourced, sustainably harvested maple hardwood, and measures approximate...
SKU: 60083
Barred Owl Bookmark thumbnail image Barred Owl Bookmark
The bookmarks measure about 8" long, 1 1/4" wide and less than 1 millimeter thick. The thinness allows readers to use the mar...
SKU: 65004
Snowy Owl Bookmark thumbnail image Snowy Owl Bookmark
The bookmarks measure about 8" long, 1 1/4" wide and less than 1 millimeter thick. The thinness allows readers to use the mar...
SKU: 65005
Wind Spinner, Owl thumbnail image Wind Spinner, Owl
Add a splash of color to your yard with this classic wind spinner. Just fan it out, hang it up and let it twirl in the breeze...
SKU: 46013
Owl Cubes thumbnail image Owl Cubes
This four-block decorative owl set shows off your love of Owls. Each owl image is from the famed ornithologist Roger Tory Pe...
SKU: 72932
Owl Backscratcher thumbnail image Owl Backscratcher
The "Owl I want is a backscratch..." owl backscratcher. Our owl backscratcher has a gentle curve and measures 17.5" long by 2...
SKU: 43017

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