07/29/2004 - Release at Will

Maple Landmark Launches New Kitchen Décor Line.

New Solace™ line is a reflection of passed products and new technology for Maple Landmark's 25th year.

Middlebury, VT—In their 25th anniversary year, Maple Landmark has taken an old idea and made it new again. The simple table trivets were a staple, in the Maple Landmark product line, in the mid to late 90's. The evolution of technology and Maple Landmark's commitment to wood products beyond toys has allowed what was old to become new once again.

Maple Landmark's new Solace™ line of trivets, coasters and ornaments bring together the utilitarian needs of the kitchen and dining table with intricate high art. The nine carefully crafted designs will elevate any table from common place to elegant. Designs that recall the delicate work of stained glass windows and New Orleans style filigree highlight the collection. The baroque designs in the collection also lend themselves well to wall and table décor without ever seeing use.

The 7-3/4" diameter trivets are sizable enough for casserole dishes as well as a wonderful accent piece on any table. Finished with a durable lacquer the collection pieces are available in both natural and black gloss finishes.

The set of four coasters can be paired either with a matching trivet pattern in an elegant gift box or mixed with other patterns to capture the personality of one's home. The coasters, at 3-3/4" in diameter, are large enough for even the biggest glass.

The 3" round Solace ornaments go beyond the Christmas tree to year round decoration. Each of the nine ornament patterns is also available in natural and gloss black.

"I have been experimenting with our machinery to see what we can do and I am really pleased with the outcome," said Mike Rainville, owner and product developer. "We are learning more and more every day about how to effectively harmonize our technology and our processes to get the best of what we have to offer. Rainville went on to comment that he was extremely pleased at the response the products have received already from the visitors in their retail showroom.

To learn more about Maple Landmark and the Solace™ product lines please visit www.maplelandmark.com.

Contact: Barbara Rainville • 800-421-4223
Images available for download, please contact us.

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