Checkers, Barrel Top, Plain Set

Checkers, Barrel Top, Plain Set


Our Checkerboard tray is crafted from 1/2" thick high quality hardwood plywood. The whole board is finished in a black water-based dye stain. The playing area is printed with red squares and is 13" square. The other side is decorated in an old-fashioned gold leaf pattern printed on the black background.

At each end of the board two handles are "cut-out" The handles make for an easy carry tray and they are sized for checkers to sit easily when not in play.

The whole board is 18 1/2" long and 13 1/2" wide which fits nicely on to the top of a barrel for a truly antique feel. The board is finished with whey to repel water and to keep a durable finish.

This set includes a set of plain checkers (SKU #50335).

This is a discontinued product with limited availability. Subject to prior sale. While supplies last.

SKU 50325
Ages 8 and up
Finish whey, ink

Reg. Price $39.90
Sale Price $23.94


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