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If you are looking to have us quote something rather different than the things that are shown in this section, we will need a bunch of information. The more complete you are, the more accurately we can serve you. We do offer some design development and prototype services, strictly on a fee basis. Some of our typical questions you'll need to answer:

  1. The scope of the job—how much development is needed, is it similar to something we already do, are we doing all of the work or just the decoration, etc.
  2. The type of material—maple, pine, plywood, plastic, etc.
  3. The type or style of finish—paint, clear, gloss, rustic, etc.
  4. Time frame required—is it a rush or are you planning ahead? Also, please note that we are very busy from Labor Day to Christmas and may place a surcharge on jobs during that time period.
  5. Quantity desired—specific number or range for quote.
  6. Some sense of your expectation—price vs. quality vs. speed—as the old saying goes, you can have two of the three but not all.
If your product incorporates intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyrighted artwork), is it your responsibility to be sure you have the right to use it.

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